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The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I discovered the wonderful world of IRC.

What did you do?

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so true....they kicked me out since I apparently couldn't copy paste right...
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Harry Potter/LJ Crossover by Osaku
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I love that my Runaway Godfather's name is Cunttingdaughter (willow)
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It's been a while hasn't it livejournal? We'll I wont be here long but could help but leave an entry. Perhaps I will get back into updating regularly.

Yesterday was awesome. In anime club they wanted to watch Angel Sanctuary which I had brought in but I don’t think any of them knew what they were getting into. It was collective scream of 'THEY'RE BROTHER AND SISTER!?!?!' And lets not forget how our teacher [while never taking her eyes off the screen] kept screaming 'I feel so dirty I'm going to have to take a shower WITH BLEACH' I myself couldn't keep from quoting every line and laughing every time Setsuna and Sara kissed because everyone would make disgusted sounds. But even though it sounded like they were disgusted they were loving every moment of it they even clapped [which we NEVER do] when Sara and Setsuna finally got together in episode 2. Some of the children were saying 'just pretend that they aren't brother and sister' But Kasey and I just laughed because they never let you forget!!! It comes up over and over again. Angel Sanctuary makes me so happy and gives me a headache because I have to explain everything to anyone around me. It's a good headache though. One that I look forward to having over and over again. The buses were coming and we had to clean up but there was still 10 min. left of the last episode. I think it was the fastest we ever cleaned up. When we were done we were all huddled up in front of the tv.

Ahhhh Angel Sanctuary. Brings all people together.
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Hahah I just remembered something Funny from the movie. You know how they got buckbeak to move using the dead ferrets? All I kept thinking was ferret!Draco and I started laughing so hard. Then the people I went with who had never read the books looked at me weird but I just laughed even more
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PoA PoA PoA!!!...Possible Spoiler

Wow...I have seen PoA Twice in the last 11 rather I saw them in 11 hour intervals...2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. It was soo good. I got mad at some parts that they didn't show or didn't explain but it made me laugh so much. The part where Draco blew Harry the note I died. I was like 'Ahhh!! They're giving each other notes!!' And then you see what in it and I was like 'damn!!!' But I have a theory. It's that anyone besides Harry who was looking at the note saw that picture and Harry saw what was really there.


Yeah shut up I can believe what I want. Just like how I believe that the split second in the Shrieking Shack that you couldn't see Remus and Sirius they kissed. Question me and you shall feel my anger.

Now I shall continue to move into my new room and read
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